Saturday, January 18, 2014

Safe in Thailand

So I arrived in Pattaya, a few days ago on Tuesday evening.  Tired and coughing from Yangon, Myanmar, Caroline, Camille and I pulled up a seat at the local soup street food joint.  I ordered Pad Thai from a neighboring vendor.  Though a smaller portion than at home, it was delicious and only cost 40 Baht or $1.22 for dinner. Awesome!  I might get used to this place.

We've gone out in service 3 times so far.  I've met people from France, Russia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Finland, India and locals Thai of course.  We attended the English meeting on Thursday night and shared the hall with the thriving Russian group.  Last night we attended the Thai meeting and we joined by the lively Sign group.  There's much work to be done here.

Service consists of hopping on the back of a motorbike and heading to the territory which can be between 5 and 20 minutes away.  We do everything: the houses, business, restaurants, shacks, you name it.  We end up speaking more Thai than English but there's a lot of interest to cultivate.  Many people do not know who Jehovah's Witnesses are, so it's not uncommon to introduce yourself as a Witness and refrain from using the words volunteer or Bible, quite different than home.

So far the lowest I've paid for a meal has been 10 Baht or 30 cents and the highest was $2.74 for a large pork and noodle soup and a Bubble Tea, obviously a splurge.  The beach about 20 minutes away is beautiful.  I haven't seen the close one yet.

Currently we're staying at a guest home for 7000 Baht, however I am praying to get into a 2500 Baht single room with bathroom and back porch still within walking distance of the Kingdom Hall.  So far I've met 2 Thai people that have given me their emails and I've placed literature electronically with them.  I've written down at least 12 people to return on next week.  A decent percentage were Muslim.  I've sat in on one study so far conducted by a Korean brother whose been serving here for 4 years and speaks Thai fluently.  It was with an 82 year old man and his 10 year old grand daughter from the Good News Brochure.

Thai service partner

Some yummy fruit


Another RV

Sleeping ?pig? ?wild boar?

An idea of what language I will be learning..

I'm excited and hopeful for the future.  We'll see how everything unfolds!