Saturday, March 2, 2013

Day 1 of the Campaign

Today was the first day of the campaign to give out invites for the Memorial.  The territory here is sooooo different.  First my partner and I conducted a study over Skype with a young sister in Italy.  Then we used the territory of confirmed Italians to map our walk.  The addresses are written like Street A Between 2 and 3.  There may or may not be a description of the house or the name of the business.  Sometimes there's even a name.  So we did the first visit which was a woman who works in an Italian Cafe.  Since we wanted coffee anyways, we sat down and ordered a Cappachino. YUM!  The server was the Italian we were looking for- perfect!  The others were not at homes from we enjoyed our morning none the less.  We ran into some brothers from Mexico City who were here on vacation.  The onlookers probably were confused my our repeated attempts to communicate in broken Spanish and hugs as we departed.

Tonight we went to a brother's house who is from Puglia.  He made the best dinner EVER!  Gnocchi with shrimp and Zucchini!  Then we had shrimp wrapped in bacon with his famous sauce.  Then we had 2 desserts.  Then we had teqiulla.  Then we had a cocktail made by me: Watermelon Mojitos.  We laughed and enjoyed each other's company.  I love Mexico!

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