Friday, February 10, 2012

My Last/ Last Service Day

February 9th,

So I decided to devote my last day in Nicaragua to service.
I couldn't think of ending it in a better of a way.

So, Kim and I were finishing up with service in the afternoon with my study around 3. When we arrived to the house my study explained she needed to take her son to the library and asked if we could back around 5pm. Even though we were exhausted we said sure and decided to go ahead and meet the group in territory until 5. When we arrived at 5pm my study wasn't home yet, but her mother let us in. We witnessed to her for about 15 minutes until my study got home and she decided she wants to study the Bible Teach Book in Spanish! (yay)

So when we transitioned to conducting my study it lasted 2 hours! and it could of went longer but I had to wrap it up lol. But I really felt good leaving the house. Thanks to Jehovah, Kim and my study get along really good. Kim is great getting her to focus in on the main points and giving her little homework assignments. I hope with Jehovah's help, she will continue to progress and flourish with all the bible truths she's learning, because she's so hungry for it.

On my way home, I was walking down the Calzada and saw one of the bible studies who has been attending the meeting regularly and has so much zeal, its contagious! I remember, at one of the meetings on the part about what articles do you appreciate for the ministry, he named like 5, and was applying personal's so faith strengthening. But, when I ran into him he was telling me how much courage he draws from the brothers and sisters condemnation and he just loves participating in the meetings. I started to think to myself i'm going to make an effort to have the same type of attitude as be excited to comment not scared. I don't think he has any idea how much he encourages all of us too.

Then in the taxi, I was witnessing some more. I felt so encouraged and spirituality satisfied when I got home.

Then a couple friends came by to say goodbye, which was really sweet.
My last day was really nice.

some friends in service

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