Sunday, February 12, 2012

Night Tour Masaya Volcano

Today was jam packed.  First we woke up at 4am so we could drop Bree off to the airport.  Sadly, she has departed Nicaragua and has gone back to the States.  We enjoyed her company here as we explored the country and made new friends.  She will be dearly missed.  After the journey to Managua airport and back, Jamiliah and I slept to regain our strength for the day ahead.  Since it Thursday, as off day for service we decided to visit the market.  It was awesome!  The market has an outdoor as well as indoor section.  Inside, it’s dark and there’s everything under the sun being sold.  Meat on hooks, rice, sugar, cooking utensils, underwear, fruits and veggies, EVERYTHING!  I bought a cooking pan so I could cook the 4 pounds of meat that I bought for $1 USD!  After, we decided to sign up for the night tour of the volcano in Masaya.  It is still active and by going at night we got to see the most awesome sunset I’ve seen in Nicaragua.  The climb up the volcano was treacherous.  But the view was totally worth it.  We then put on gas masks and helmets and explored an underground cave that goes for miles and saw tons of bats.  We even went to a certain area of the volcano where you can see lava at the bottom.  It was beautiful and great physical exercise.

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  1. Wow girls thats awesome...did u take a pic of the lava?
    I'm homesick for nicaragua already...tear.
    Cant wait to hear about the adventures to come.