Sunday, October 6, 2013

1 Month Already!

Today we went out in service as usual in Italian.  We found a lot of not at homes, but the work just keeps pressing forward!  At night we did our Watchtowers together at a couple’s house and after we went to a brother’s home who serves a Brazilian treat. It was basically chicken soup over rice.  I thought it was very tasty- and here we met a couple that is very interested in learning and supporting the Italian group.  We invited them to the meeting tomorrow.  Hope they make it!

Today we had a wonderful meeting and we surprisingly had a speaker from Italy.  No-one knew this particular family was in town- we happily accepted the brother’s invitation to give our public talk!  After the meeting we had a small meeting as a group to discuss service plans.  There is a need to do census, so we were trying to figure out days and times.  Basically we have support in the morning but the afternoons when more people are home- we don’t have a carL.  Oh well… After this we went to the beach with the couple who were invited last night! They made it!  We went to Plaia Futuro and enjoyed food and drinks right on the sand and after took a dip into the strong waves!  What a delightful evening!

Today we had service, service and more service.  I did telephone witnessing in Portuguese and we conducted a Portuguese study with a woman who is married to an Italian.  We watched the 1st part of the Guiding Light series.  Cathia had many questions and was amazed to learn that the Watchtower has been in print since 1879!  We have a long theocratic history indeed!  After as we was giving us a ride to our home so did the most incredible and gracious gesture I have ever experienced!  Since she in going to Italy in 2 days and will be gone for a month, she offered us her car to use in the Italian field.  What a blessing from Jehovah!  That was literally just the thing 24 hours ago we were saying that we needed!  We gladly accepted and can’t wait to do more census of Italians in the coming month!

Today was the first day of the Circuit Overseer visit in Portuguese.  So I went out with the English congregation in the afternoon and we had our visit at 7:30pm instead of the Italian class. The C.O. and his wife are from Sao Paolo and boy does he speak FAST!!!  I didn’t understand a thing!  But they seem to be very friendly, zealous and laid-back. 

Today was such a privilege!  I was able to company a pioneer sister to help serve and prepare food for the COUPLES SCHOOL that they are holding here in Fortaleza at the Assembly Hall.  At 6am she picked me up and at 7am we were working!  Our crew consisted of 7 sisters and 1 brother.  For breakfast, we ate bread, ham, cheese, coffee, a cake the brother prepared and Papaya.  Simple yet delicious!  The awesome thing about Couples School is that it is just like Bethel!  So the helpers were able to sit and eat with the couples.  This included prayer and morning worship.  They read the text and 2 people were assigned to give a 1 minute comment.  After eating for a little, we considered a portion of the Year Book.  I met a couple who speaks English! The husband is from the UK and the wife is Brazilian.  They were going to move to Fortaleza to assist the English congregation in our hall, but were called to the school instead!  After the 2 months of intense training, they hope to return to their original assignment.  After breakfast we cleaned and started getting ready for lunch.  We served meat, beans, rice, salad and carrots. Yum!  After lunch I received a tour of the Assembly Hall.  It can seat over 2000 people and next door was the property of a brother whose house they converted into “dorms”.  Here the couples who attend the school stay during their training. 

After the hard day’s work we returned to the city and I picked up the car.  Whoa!  I almost died like 4 times on the short 8 minute drive home!  First of all there are too many 1-ways for no reason! Second, everyone is in the biggest rush!  No wonder Carbone drives the way he does!  No one respects the lanes and stop signs.  After almost having a heart attack I parked the car in our garage and didn’t touch it for the next 2 days!

At night we had an all-girls Watchtower study with the girls from the English congregation.  Afterwards, Naomi made pesto pasta and we giggled until midnight. (Our poor neighbors..)

Today I did service with the Portuguese and the C.O.  We only used the new tracts that we received at the District Convention.  At the last door we reactivated a young man’s study.  Those long 2 hours in the sun were worth it!  In the afternoon I went out with the English.  I took the bus for the first time!  It wasn’t too crazy and I arrived to the group only 5 minutes late.  After service I decided to forego the bus and join the sister’s on their walk to the beach and then catch a bus from there.  That never happened!!! I ended up walking half-running the 45 minute walk home and it was getting dark!  I was so nervous but determined to not give up and hire a taxi.  I made it just in time for a quick shower and then the meeting.  But man did my legs hurt!

The talk was about sleeping spiritually, that’s all I understood lol.  Obviously I will be attending the English C.O. visit in 2 weeks. 

Today we did more Portuguese service.  The last door we met a Universal religion adherent.  The woman was very excited about the Bible and “preached” to us.  After literally discussing Geneses to Revelations my companion left the husband with a question about Daniel’s vision of the statue of the world powers and what each part stood for...that got his attention.  Then, we excused ourselves, since we were there for an hour.  I can’t wait to go back with the sister and see the man’s reaction when he learns about Daniel’s prophecy.  After preaching with this sister, who has been baptized since the 70s I was moved to do more deep research.  What a great example she is!

Later today I joined the English group briefly before attending the Portuguese Pioneer Meeting.  We found a French speaking man at the beach.  Also while waiting I was tempted to buy some Tapioca from the vendor in front of the Kingdom Hall- it’s less than 1 RL for 1!  (That’s less than 50 cents!)
The meeting was great!  I actually was able to take notes.  The C.O. planted the idea in my mind of a sort-of personal territory.  Here they don’t take note-at-homes.  So what you can do is note the houses that were not at home and return the same day at a later hour.  In this way- it’s your personal territory.  I never thought about going back in the same day before.  I will put this into action this week!

After the meeting we did some beach witnessing looking for Italians.  It was a long yet fulfilling day!

Today we met only with the Italian and did far away territory.  During the meeting we were urged to really focus on bible studies.  Since Francisco is with us, practically every door was a potential return visit for him- since our territory is 99% men.  It’s great to have him here- hint hint for any brother who speak Italian regardless of age- there’s SERIOUS NEED here.

After service we decided to continue and do some search work at the mall.  Guess who was the driver? Me!!! Oh Deus!  First, we ate at buffet that was 7RL or $3.18 for a plate that you could stack as high as you could and glass of fresh mango juice.  Of course somehow I manage to choose the one meat dish that is cooked with chicken blood!  Gross!  To avoid compromising obvious Bible principles I got the owner to let me throw it away and I replaced it with yummy sausage!  Then it was off to the mall.  These crazy Brazilians, Thiane to be specific J had me doing all kinds of crazy maneuvers.  One was they had me drive over a highway divider! Mama mia!  At the mall we spend 2 hours looking for Italians.  We found a few leads and Francisco even found 1 guy.   It was fun and a break from the hot sun.

At night we went to a brother’s house that serves Pastel.  Yummy! Yummy!  His driveway and backyard were stuffed with brothers.  At $3RL a pop or $1.36 I couldn’t complain.  I was full from just 1 and a half!  We met many new brothers and sisters and enjoyed the evening.

Beach Day
 Fish we Ate at the Beach
Grocery Shopping with Francisco, Thiane, Vera and Naomi

View from the Bible Study's house who gave us the Car

Marcia conducting her portuguese study

Me at Couples SChool (sorry it's dark)

All girls WT study

NAomi made Pesto
Service during CO visit

Sister I worked with in Portuguese Ministry

Tapioca on the street

Brother frying up some Pastel
The pre-made Pastel

Enjoying the Pastel with Fransisco, Thiago, Alex and Naomi

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