Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Calm and Cool


Today was cool.  Benedetto attended the meeting and afterward we did one hour of telephone witnessing.  After this we (Naomi, Francesco and I) traveled to an elder’s house for dinner.  We enjoyed lasganga, veggies and a lovely fruit salad dessert.  It didn’t end there- we enjoyed a consideration of the Jeremiah book for the coming week’s Congregation Bible Study and a rock-classical concert on DVD.  Before we knew it- it was 10:30PM! We had spent all day with the couple.  We graciously thanked them and headed home.


This morning I went out in Portuguese service for an hour before feeling sick and needing to go home.  I slept until 2:30pm.  I woke up just in time to head to the beach for public witnessing.  For some reason today everyone was CRAZY.  I found out later- that it was a National Holiday- Teacher’s Day or something.  Anyhow, I encountered numerous drunk people- a high hippie who wanted to impart positive energy to me and a homeless Argentinian lad who was the only one In his right mind to actually receive the magazines.
Tonight we had meeting since the English had their C.O.


I spent the night with Thiane so I went out in Portuguese service with her.  We met an evangelical woman who wanted to teach me rather than listen to sound counsel from the Bible and a sad ex-drug addict for has a disabled son and has spiritism problems.  After unsuccessfully searching for an Italian couple, I sat in on an 85 year old study of Thiane.  All in all it was a good morning.

After service we ate a typical Brazlian lunch of rice, beans and meat and took a much-needed nap.  Thiane called me at 4pm and woke  me up- she had a “present” for me.  Thiane owns a clothing shop next to her aunt’s beauty parlor.  Her aunt sat me down in her chair and washed me hair, conditioned it and blow dried it. Up until this point everything was fine.  Once she pulled out the flat iron- I should have stopped her.  But I didn’t. L She DID not get my hair straight and I had the English meeting to attend in less than 2 hours! After a panic attack I settled for a black scarf. 

Somehow I got compliments at the meeting.  One brother said he liked my “Pirate Look”, I don’t know what that was supposed to mean… shrug
The English meeting was excellent and the Circuit Overseer was from Holland.


Today we went out in Italian service in the morning.  We did addresses and left some magazines at hotels and did return visits.  It was a nice morning.

Lunch was interesting- while I was suggesting $7RL a plate places somehow we end up at the fancy smancy place and guess what gets orderd. FILET MIGNON! I almost hit the floor!  Somehow I didn’t have to pay- but I still shuddered at the thought of how much money just got blown an a random lunch on a Wednesday…sigh…

After I met up with Claire and Alex and Francesco at 4:45pm and we did return visits.  One visit in particular was my UK Missionary from last week!  He buzzed us in…strange.  I go up and he’s at the door with his baby in his arms…he thought we were his wife. NOPE!  But anyways he lets us in and we consider the 2nd paragraph about death and resurrection.  He has the question: how do the ones that get to go to heaven- know that they have that hope.  Great!  I show him the Bible Teach and offer to return to answer his question. One more visit like this and I can count a  STUDY!

Later, we go to a sister’s apartment to consider the Watchtower together.  We leave at almost midnight.  Not only was the study great but the association was even better!  WE shared how we came into the Truth and stories about our home congregations.


Today I ventured on my own to Thiane’s house.  I got LOST. The 30min trip took 90 min!  Finally I reached the supermarket by her house.  WE arrived at the Couple’s School exactly at 8:15am PERFECT!  WE washed and washed dished until lunch.  Then we washed some more!  The experience was great however and I can’t wait to go back next week!

Later, I attended the C.O. visit with the English while the Italians friends had  a CRAB PARTY.  Man was I upset when Naomi forgot to bring my crab home.  Grrr!


This morning we went out to Italian service only to find that it was just Naomi and I.  Therefore, we met with the English who had the C.O.  WE enjoyed a nice morning and 2 sisters and ended around 11am.  I spent the rest of the day chilling… shopping..and cleaning…

We met the Italians at 7:30pm at the beach.  We have a new couple!  Claudio and Sarah from London who are Italian.  They are a young couple who has previously served in Sierra Leone and now are here in Fortaleza for 6 months!  Awesome!!  After 9pm we went to a return visit who part-owns a Pizzaria and enjoyed Fortaleza’s Best Pizza.  IT wasn’t bad.


This morning I worked with a group that did local calls.  Today was a little bit crazy because there was a Catholic concert at the beach so traffic was crazy and people were excited.

For lunch we went to an elder’ house and Naomi made pasta while I made a salad.  IT was delicious!
After we met up for the afternoon group.  I ended up with Alex and Ederlando without a GPS.  After 2 calls- we went to McDonald’s and then gave up on searching for the next address in the dark since it wasn’t in a great area.

We went to a brother’s house after to eat Pastels.  IT was great!

This week was calm cool and collected!

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