Thursday, April 12, 2012

2 Bible Teaches in One Week!

This was a really cool experience.  I wasn't planning on going out in service today because I was tired and thought I hadn't made formal plans with anyone.  However, I was awaken at 9:45am when an elderly sister in my hall called me and asked was I going out.  I said of course and managed to make it to her house by 10:05am.  We decided to do a West Haven territory that she had.  House after house was not at home.  Finally she suggests that we do a "call" of hers, basically an Italian person that she has called on for years  that she hadn't seen in months.

We walk up to the door and I say a silent prayer, because I just really wanted someone to be home.  We meet an older Italian woman but low and behold, another Italian couple is visiting.  We go in, kiss and have a seat at the kitchen table.  A few minutes later another Italian man comes over to visit.  We had a bible topic discussion for the next hour!

The Italians ask questions from the Trinity, Evolution, Sin and Death.  My preaching companion Rosa, shares loads of scriptures.  By the end of it, I take out the Bible Teach Book merely to show the man who mainly had the questions the chapter on the topic he lingered on most.  He takes the book out of my hand.  I never offer him the book, yet he takes and keeps it.  As we leave and start shaking hands, he takes the book and doesn't give it back.  That was probably the easiest book placement I've ever made!

I plan to go back with the same sister and follow up on whether he found the answers to his questions in the book.  If he hasn't I am going to offer to bring a brother back to study with him.

Yet another productive day in the Italian field, how rewarding!

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