Monday, April 9, 2012

Italian Service in New Haven

Hey!  So I have realized to treasure the amazing field service experiences that I not only experience abroad but also right here at home.  Serving in the Italian field in CT is indeed exciting and we DO find interest.  Maybe no one’s begging for a bible study but we still have wonderful days in service.  For instance I felt compelled to share what happened today.

I worked this morning and didn’t get off until 3:30pm.  So I am always searching for like people who are only out in the evenings.  (Note: This is the best time to go out.  Everyone’s home).  So Camille (my friend from Sign Lanaguage) joins me and we sit down and eat a quick meal at my house of Quinoa.  Then we set off to get Camille some tacos from a particular taco shop in West Haven.  We drive over and first we stop at the deli next door because she remembered that the owner was Italian.  She buys a bag of chips and as she pays she strikes up a conversation.  Indeed the man is from Italy but he doesn’t really speak.  He shares with us that his son speaks perfect Italian and is in college to become a criminal lawyer.  I leave an Italian magazine with him and Camille leaves a Spanish magazine with the man in the taco shop as she waits for her meal. 

Back in the car, an old territory falls out of my bag from last year.  Obviously it hasn’t been worked in a while so we set off to rework it.  90% of the people were home!  Half weren’t Italian and were able to cross off after literally years of them being not at home and the other half accepted literature and we were able to have pleasant conversations.  The last door we did around 6:30pm.  We go to a confirmed Italian home that was hand written on the bottom of the territory.  A Mexican woman answers the door and informs us that not only is she a sister but her husband does speak Italian.  She invites us in.  We sit down and chat about the Kingdom Hall, Mexico and how her husband used to study.  After 40 minutes of warming up to us the husband suddenly is completely involved in the conversation.  He shows Camille his dog, recounts his hurricane story from last year’s Hurricane Irene.  He even pulls out his bass and plays all his favorite Beatles songs on his bass.  Long story short, I place the Bible Teach Book with him and we make plans to all go to the meeting together after they return from their 2 week vacation in Mexico.  We leave at about 8:15pm!  What a last door!  I know I can’t serve in Nicaragua right now or anywhere else for that matter but there is interest right here and I just need to adjust my mindset and cherish the experiences I have right here in CT, in fact right in New Haven my hometown. 

I can’t wait to go back to that house.  The wife thanked us repeatedly because her husband has studied off and on throughout the years and hopefully our visit will jumpstart him back into action.  J

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