Saturday, April 14, 2012

Angelic Direction

Saturday we have 2 groups for field service.  We go out first in the morning with our local groups and then everyone meets at the hall at 1pm as a congregation.  In our car group on this particular day we decide to make 2 return visits before we go to our territory which is about 20 minutes away.  The first call is not at home.  We go to the 2nd and I go with the brother to call on an Italian man who expressed interest.  The brother plans to start a study in the Bible Teach Book.

We walk up the long steep driveway and a young man greets us.  He goes inside to inform his parents of our arrival.  He returns and states that his mother said we can sit at the back porch and that she'll be right out.  Note, our visit was supposed to be on the father.

We greet the woman and sit down.  She seems surprised by our presence.  In fact, she was expecting someone else, a woman from the local English congregation.  She had her Bible Teach Book in hand along with the magazines from April.  The brother and I look at each other with questioning faces.

The woman had left her home at 10:30 to unexpectedly drop her daughter off to work.  Meanwhile the English friends attempted to come by to start the study with her, but she wasn't home.  We come by a few hours later and basically give all the incentive in the world to study the Bible in order to form a personal relationship with God.

This woman has SO MANY QUESTIONS.  We're sent in 2's thankfully, because I would've tried to answer all of them.  Instead the brother took a different approach and only read scriptures to help her appreciate the importance of learning the truth about God by means of his inspired word the Bible.  Every time she went in another direction, he gave an illustration that led right back to using the Bible to answer these questions.

After 45 minutes or so, the woman thanked us and we excused ourselves on behalf of the friends waiting for us in the car.  But she was so glad that we came by.  Both the brother and I hope and pray that the English go back to this woman.  If not, we still have the intention to come back to the husband who speaks Italian fluently.  As we leave we stumble upon the husband working in the yard blasting Italian music.  It was a great way to end service!

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