Thursday, September 27, 2012

No More Beets :-(

So I’d like to explain why we’re even doing the Beet Harvest.  A little birdie by the name of Kim Murphey, her blog is here, explained that to support her full-time service in Nicaragua that she would travel back the US to do the Beet Harvest for a few weeks.  The thing is, I completely dismissed this idea.  It wasn’t until a few months ago that Camille mentioned it again and that a couple that used to be in her hall that are from CT but serve in Nicaragua as well were going.  Then I jumped on board.  I haven’t completely decided where to serve, but I have my sights set on Italy!  It makes sense given my circumstances, but is as we all know, quite pricey.  So with the Beet Harvest money I intend to stash it away and proceed to finally accomplish my goal of serving in English in Italy.  For more info on the Sugar Beet Industry click here.

Back to beets, so you can imagine our dismay as we learn that due to the unusually beautiful warm weather, beets can’t be piled because they will go bad.  That means that we can’t work.  L  So we go out in service instead J.  The territory here has been encouragingly responsive and generally pleasant.  There was emmense support on Wednesday morning.  There were over 20 that showed up for service at 9am.  That in itself was encouraging.  Through-out the day, which ended around 5:30pm we met pioneers, mothers, MTS grads, children and even one of the anointed in our productive day of service.  The next day, I encountered a Nepali family who wants to learn about the bible but don’t speak English well.  Appolonia finally kept one of the 3 return visits that she set up while preaching.  The service has just been amazing and I am glad that the Harvest hasn’t started!

After service, has been just as fun.  Today we prepared a dinner for our host family and enjoyed association with them and yesterday we went to Ground Round which features a happy hour like I’ve never experienced.  Buy a $3.00 Margharita and get a FREE taco bar!  That’s a pioneer’s dream! (Or at least mine).  This morning before service we visited Crookston and used self control to not buy the antique jewelry that we saw.  This trip has just been amazing!

But at 8:58pm I received a call to go into work tomorrow.  Now the fun starts!

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