Thursday, September 27, 2012

Start of a Legend

   So we made it to Minnesota!  It was a long 2 day trip to arrive here, but it’s all been worth it!  We left at 5am from Danbury CT.  Well Appolonia and I left New Haven at 3:45am…whew( and I didn’t even attempt to go to sleep). I met my new “parents” for the next few weeks Armando and Lidi.  They served in Managua Sign Language for the last 3 years.  They are in one word AWESOME!  We took turns filling up the tank as we embarked on a journey that would take us through 9 states!  I held out until Minnesota (thinking that by waiting to the last fill-up that it’d be the cheapest) to fill up my tank, unfortunately I paid the 2nd highest in relation to everyone, $3.94 a gallon.  If you know me, I was definitely heart-broken to have paid so much when Camille only paid $3.80!  Anyways, I discovered the Sweet Deals Menu at Dairy Queen and enjoyed my homemade Nutella sandwhich and Cheese sandwhich as everyone else forked over money for Subway, Burger King and Chester’s Chicken.  We stopped over in Chicago and enjoyed Chicago’s Other Famous Deep-Dish Pizza- Lou Malnati’s (delicious especially when paired with an Orange Moon pitcher).  We spent the night with a wonderful family that we had never met.  Through a friend in Italian we found a family in the Spanish with 2 daughters in the Chinese who hosted us.  They were sooooo nice.  The next morning we all tried Cactus flower fruit for the first time and enjoyed bagels and tea.  Then we were off again!

This time we used Armando’s Galaxy 3 to play YouTube videos to sing karaoke to and watched numerous episodes of the hit TV show The Office.   Dwight’s performance in the Stress Relief episode will be hilarious regardless of the number of times watched.  We sang Mariah Carey and Luis Enrique as we passed Cheese Billboards in Wisconsin and through the Twin Cities in Minnesota.  We reached E Grand Forks, Minnesota,  where we (the girls) are staying and Grand Forks, North Dakota (where the couple are staying) at about 9pm on Sunday.  We pulled up to our “home” for the next month.  A 30 foot camper fully equipped with a bathroom, Queen sized bed, stove, fridge and microwave.  We really were blessed!  Our 2 new little sisters Kiley, 10 and Mckinsey, 7 were literally outside greeting us. 

We unloaded our stuff and I hear the girls whispering about a “surprise”.  I have no idea what they are talking about.  10 minutes in to meeting and greeting the couple hosting us, in walks a large black man with a colorful hood covering his face.  Lo and behold, what is Blake Newbon doing here!?  I had no idea that we had kicked him out of the camper and he was forced to move into the family’s basement.   LOL  Anyways it felt like a Nicaraguan reunion.  I am glad that I came here and can’t wait to start working with those beets!

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