Monday, February 25, 2013

10 days have gone by!

Oops!  We have been so busy I literally forgot to post!  So I will work backwards.

Yesterday we went to our first semi-Mexican gathering.  It was at an American sister's house who is in Mexican Sign Language.  It was really fun. Everyone was there from ages 2 to 62.  We danced to American , Mexican, Central American and Techno music.  I met many new local friends from the English and Spanish.    Even some friends from Cancun came down.  It was nice to see such a mix especially after today's WT.  After the gathering which ended respectfully at 11:47 on the dot (no warning of last song or anything lol) we went out for Al Pastor with some of the friends.  At dinner we met 2 of our "roommates" from Canada.  It was a nice end to a wonderful day.

Why was today so wonderful?  This morning we saw a brother from El Salvador who lived in Australia give the Public Talk in English.  It was amazing!  It was about who real is Jehovah to you.  We thought he just had good public speaking skills, at lunch after we realized he's just passionate about everything he says, including encouraging people to step over into Macedonia.  He seriously explained how leaving a developed country to come to a place like Mexico is the best thing ever you can do and wouldn't trade it for nothing.  He described how he works 4 hours in bed teaching English online and then the rest of his life in his ministry. In Australia this could never be possible because life is focused on work.  Here he has progressive bible studies, meets friends from around the world at every meeting and after a long day of service can actually afford to order that grilled fish at the beach and enjoy life.  While Mexico has it drawbacks like getting sick every now and then from food and he saw cops and robbers literally shooting at each other when he was in service, these are tiny in light of the blessings he receives.  I am convinced!  Sorry you guys in CT. I am out!

At lunch we met a very encouraging couple from Cali who are also considering moving.  Maybe we'll all end up serving together in Mexico!

Giant fish brother ordered at lunch.

View from where we sat for lunch. (We all agreed we couldn't afford to eat here somewhere at home.  My garlic fish meal with rice and salad cost 50 pesos or $4.20 USD)

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