Monday, February 25, 2013

Special Day in Cancun!

Today we woke up at 5:30am!  We joined the rest of the Italian group from Playa and we head up to Cancun.  There is an Italian group in Cancun that REALLY needs help.  There's only 1 couple from Italy and a sister from Milan who lives there every 6 months.  There's also about 15 local brothers who also support the group.  This morning we combined forces and blitzed the territory.  We found some Italian leads in just the 2 hours we went out.  More than anything the local group was encouraged to receive some help and a speaker for their public talk which is held every 2 weeks.

After service we ate lunch with a local sister and guess who we got!? The sister from Milan!  She's so awesome!  We enjoyed a light lunch and had great conversation.  I also got to know a local couple better from Playa that joined us.

2:30pm was the meeting and WT.  Both were excellent.  The talk was about anxieties and we know the WT was about being Fratelli or brothers with no national distinctions.  There was so many hands to call on I only got in 1 comment, but that was great when usually they have about 30 in attendance.  We had to rush out of the hall after because Spanish was knocking down the doors.  I have never seen a hall so used on a Sat.!

The brothers arranged for a gathering after the meeting.  We went to the local Italian couple's home.  We enjoyed association, tacos, panini, guacamole, horchata, rice and helado!  Yum!  After a while they busted out my new favorite game, JENGA!  It had questions on it in Spanish so we had to translate them into Italian and then give an answer.

Today was awesome!

But it's not over yet!  We meet an awesome sister in the group who's Mexican and El Salavadorian who speaks awesome Italian and she's only been in it for a year.  We meet up with some local brothers from English and guess what we play?  JENGA lol.  It was surprisingly just as entertaining as earlier lol- or I am just easily amused.  We spent the night and Cancun and met our new friend's awesome family who serve in the Maya congregation.  (Only in Mexico.... :-) )
Gathering after meeting.



Emily and sister from Milan

Mtg for service

Demo during mtg for service

Our preaching group

Waiting for English group to finish so we can get in

Out new family in Cancun


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