Friday, February 15, 2013

Long Day of Service

So today we literally had the longest service day ever- after all that's what we're here for :-).  We met up with the English this morning again.  Today was a rather large group out- strano because the Circuit Assembly is this weekend but great indeed!  There were like 25 or 30 people.  We worked with Mitch Jorge and  Jase.  We did all return visits all around Playa.  Jase is an 11- year old Im assuming pioneer from the way he talks about his studies and return visits.  It was so encouraging to see a youngster who really appreciates his ministry.  He would plot out which scriptures to read to each person and give us background on the person's personal situation.  I was like taking notes lol.  We learned a little about Mitch.  He and his wife are leaving in a few weeks for Guatemala, for good!  Guatemala is the only Central American country that doesn't have establishes English groups.  So guess who's going to help start one? Mitch and his wife have been assigned to really help where there's a greater need.  They have sold everything and will go to an area of Guatemala where many English speaking people have bought up property and some tourists go.  I can't remember the name but I'll find out.  We saw pictures from the internet of volcanos and valleys and greenery, very different from Mexico.  We're excited for them!

We hit the pavement all afternoon as well with the English.  At 3:30pm we meet up with the Italians.  We had a modest sized group and we do census in the Galaxia neighborhood.  Emily's group finds the sole Italian in the area.  We go until dark and then walk to Walmart to scout for Italians there.  Guess what!? Just as we're leaving and paying for items, Davide finds one!  They chat for 10 minutes!  What a fantastic end to service.

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