Sunday, February 10, 2013

2nd Day of Service

So Friday morning we meet at an older couple's house that's here serving in Mexico from Italy for 3 months. There are at least 10 people at the group!  I pair up with Ericka Pisu who lives in Mexico permanently.  She and her husband have also served in the D.R. but now call Mexico home instead of Italy.  We do some of her return visits.  Some of the highlights of the morning include a young Italian woman who is a wedding planner.  She's 29 years old and lives in a luxury apartment in Playa.  When Ericka asks her to pick a bible topic for us to discuss when we return guess what she picks?  Not death or Jesus or when will suffering end, but Richezze.  I'm really starting to get some insight into the mind of this new territory.  Another cool visit we had was with an older Italian woman who sells Italian pastries with another Italian who owns a restaurant in Playa.  She was not what I expected with her super-tanned skin and dirty blonde dread-like hair.  Ericka has some good visits, we do 4 in total and end around 12pm so I can meet back up with Emily.

After meeting with Emily we join a family serving here for 6 months with their 14 month-old baby Joana.  Her mom Ana is from Brazil and her dad Jonathan is from Italy.  We enjoy tortas at a restaurant owned by the unbelieving mate of a sister that they are trying to cultivate interest with.  The food was AMAZING!!  Afterwards we do 2 visits of theirs that don't pan out, but we get to walk 5th ave and we meet a Brazilian woman and her husband she talks to them in Portugese.  Playa has ALL languages!  This places keeps getting better by the moment!

We end service and say our good byes.  Service again was amazing!


Ericka in front of their humble abode.

Service group

On 5th Ave in Service with Anna

Emily can't fight the temptation to view the beach while in service on 5th ave.

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