Monday, February 11, 2013

Fun in the Sun

We just got back from the craziest trip ever! We decide to go to Punta Allen since there are no service arrangements on Saturday.  This is approx. 3 hours South of Playa del Carmen.  It is a small town on a Natural Reserve where literally half the population are brothers!  Sounds like paradise right? It's gets better!  It surrounded by water since it's a pennisula so the brothers has fresh LOBSTER everyday!  (You'd think I wasn't a pioneer with my expensive tastes lol)

We leave at 5:30am and reach at 9:00am.  Our traveling buddies are Jorge, remember airport brother? And his roommate Arman.  The first thing we do is go by the Kingdom Hall.  They are just having with meeting for field service. Literally like 60 people stroll outta there! It was crazy!  We then go to a sister's restaurant and have sambutes. (think like tostada).  After we eat we go out on the boat.Now I would've been content with just a simple boat ride.  But no, we're looking at animals! 5 minutes into the ride we see dolphins!! Real ones, in their natural habitat!  I even saw a baby one!  There we see a manitee and a huge sea turtle.  Finally we go to this water surrounded tree area and see Great Frigatebirds!   

Next we go to a coral reef and swim around looking at real live coral and countless varieties of fish and squid and everything else!  I counted this as Family Worship because we definitely were observing Jehovah's Creation.  It was better than any zoo or aquarium you could imagine!  We finish up our tour at the natural swimming pools.  This is an area where you can walk for 200 meters and the water will only be 4 ft deep and the sand is sooo soft.  

After 5 hours water tour we eat LOBSTER!!! Yummy!  There we go back to the beach and try to find our way back to the natural swimming pools.  We can't find them but find a nice patch of beach instead.  After relaxing for a bit we change and get ready for the meeting.  The meeting in Spanish is packed! Somehow we still manage to give a number of comments.  We meet many wonderful brother ans sisters who rarely get to see outsiders because their area is so secluded and small.  The whole town in only 4 streets by 4 streets!What a wonderful experience! Today was the best!

Lobster Lunch

Kingdom Hall

Sunset at Beach

Spanish Meeting

Punta Allen (Very rustic, they turn off all power after 10pm and all dirt roads)

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