Monday, February 25, 2013

Service and Arancini

Today was our first day back from Merida!  We met the group and enjoyed service until about 12:30pm.  We did Census work in Ejido.  Found one good lead!  After we went to search out a cheap seafood place we heard about on the beach.  We found it! 25 peso for a hamburger or fishburger.  ($2 USD)  The beach view alone was worth the pesos.

Then we went to a couple's house that are from Sicily and we made ARANCINI!!! YUM!  This is what you do:

1- Cook rice with Zalfarana and let it cool
2-Cook your fillers .  (We used mushrooms and Ragu)
3- Grab from rice and spread on hand
4-Add the filler with some fresh mozzarella cheese
5-Add more rice and form into a ball
6- Use water to smooth over if needed
7- Make a paste of flour and water
8-Set out some breadcrumbs.
9- Dip ball into paste and then into breadcrumbs
10-Fry the balls


Those things were so yummy and the cheese was so gooey!  This couple actually supports themselves by selling these around Playa one day a week!  AWESOME!

Mexican Monopoly

Our Sicilian buddies!

So cheesy!

That mushroom is there to mark the type of filling

Fry em up!

We made watermelon mojitos

Our cheap lunch!


  1. Looks like you're having so much fun and enjoying some great food. Thanks for sharing the recipes can't wait to see if we can make it here in Nicaragua.

    *note* great hair, love your look.

    1. Just saw your post...trying the natural and others inspired me...just waiting for my length...miss all my Nica people!

  2. So far you blog makes me hungry! :)

    A Missionary's Life

  3. :) you gotta enjoy the food in these places! Hey Linka have I met you before? Your face looks familiar but I can't place it. Read your blog ...hopefully one day I'll preach in Africa many to reach there and the day to day reality seems unbelievable...reading about the friends fleeing the city. Its unclear to me, but its ethnic rivalry?