Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Siamo arriviati a Messico!

So!  I am back!  This time around we are in Playa Del Carmen Mexico helping out the Italian Group for 1 month!  I am here with a fellow young pioneer from CT.  Her name is Emily O'Loughlin.  She is 20 years old and has been attending my congregation for the last year.  The group here is composed of 18 regular publishers, but tonight we had over 35 in attendance!  We even met a couple who is studying the bible.  They have been studying for 1 years and 1/2 and are from Verona, Italy.  They come here 5 months out of the year.

Anyways, we arrived in Cancun Wednesday Feb 6th in the afternoon.  After customs and the passport frenzy it was 6pm and I had to find Emily.  (She had arrived hours before me.)  I find her and guess who else I find!? Jorge!  A brother I met the last time I was in Playa!  He offers to bring us to Playa.  Shortly after dropping off our bags in his truck we encounter 3 Russians.  Guess who speaks Russian!?  Not I.  But Jorge does.  To their surprise, this Mexican brother gives them a meeting invitation to the Russian meeting in Mexico and speaks to them in Russian.  After this we meet another brother visiting from Canada who needed a ride to Playa as well.  We all hop in and drive the hour south to Playa del Carmen.

This night we just hang out with Jorge and his roommate Arman.  Arman lives in Playa full-time and is originally from Canada.  He is in his second year and helps out with the French group.  We eat Mexico-City style hamburger that feature hotdog meat and pineapple slices in addition to the normal hamburger ingredients.  We also get a look around a cenote that has been converted into a restaurant.  A cenote is a sink-hole that leads to the ocean and you can swim in it.  This one is like a cave.

We meet our home owners, non other than the famous Andrea and Mikayla from Bolonga, Italy!  We met them last time we stayed in Playa.  They live here full-time and help out in the Spanish.  In 2 years they've already helped 4 new ones come into the truth.  This is going to be a great trip!  I can already tell.

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