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Such as an awesome city with such awesome friends!

We stayed in Merida for a few days after the assembly.  What was supposed to be a day and half turned into 4! But it was amazing.  I met my friend Linda in Nicaragua last year.  She had friends from Nicaragua visiting too this weekend.  So we all hang out together!

Monday we literally just chilled and recovered from a crazy spiritual weekend. We attended the meeting for Merida English.  I was surprised at the mix.  There were people from Belize, USA and Canada.  There even was a lovely older missionary couple who have been serving many years in English.  We clapped after every part- I loved it.  After we made mango margheritas and sang songs together. 

Tuesday we went to see 3 Cenotes.  These are underground sources of water that somehow connect to the ocean.  The first one was completely underground.  There was a huge tree that stuck up from under the ground.  You go down like 100 steps and then at the roots there’s dirt and water surrounding the dirt.  I can’t really describe it but it’s dark and the water is cool and very deep.  But it’s crystal clear and fish live in the water.  The next one was open on the top but EXTREMELY deep with a rope swing.  By extreme I am talking 80 feet.  It’s a little scary.  The last one was the most adventurous.  You hike through a cave and step over rocks and duck cave formations to get to the cenote.  It was beautiful.  There were so many bats in that cave through. 

After swimming in cenotes all day we ate a restaurant that specializes in pork.  Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm is all I can say.  It’s grilled and you add fresh squeezed orange juice and make it into tacos!  That’s some good eating.

The next day we went into Merida to see downtown and shop a little.  We then came home and make Jalepeno Chicken, Miguel the native Nicaraguan ‘s specialty.  He showed us his recipie.

1-Chop a ton of onions
2-Deseed and devein a ton of jalepenos.  I am talking like 2 pounds.
3- Clean and debone a few chicken breasts.
4-Chop like half a head of garlic.
5- Heat oil in big pot and add some finely chopped onion.
6-After 5 min add rice.  After 5 min add Water and cook rice as usual, don’t forget to salt.
7-In another pan warm oil and garlic.
8- After 5 min add chicken.
9-After 5 min add onions.
10- After onions go down in size add jalepenos.
11-Next add salt and pepper to taste and heavy whipping cream.
So simple yet so yummy!!!!
We brought the food to a friend’s house and then enjoyed it together.

Last day in Merida we go out on a yacht in Progresso, a beach town 40 min. away from Merida.  Awesome!  We tour the Marina and then eat beachside.  Get a load of this.  You order a drink, let’s say for 40 pesos.  They bring you free food!  Fish ceviche, octopus, tamales, tacos, taquitos, potatoes, the list goes on!  All you do is pay for your drinks.  Incredible!  Mexico is WHERE it is AT! Lol  We say goodbye to our new Merida family and head back to Playa- time for some service!  (To get an idea of distance, the bus took 4 hours to get to Cancun and from there it was 1 hour to Playa.  Wasn’t so cheap like 350 pesos in all, $30 USD)

No explanation needed.

Dinner after Mtg

Linda doing what she does best.

Entrance to Cenote with big tree.

View from bottom

Open topped Cenote

Gourmet tacos in downtown Merida

Inside open top Cenote. (the ropes are there since it's like 60 ft deep)

Miguel from Nicargua

Those are all Jalepenos

Most gigantic Al Pastor ever!

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