Tuesday, January 31, 2012


January 27th-29th

The friends in Chinnidaga are so AWESOME!!!

Ok so this weekend was quite an adventure and no one had faith in us to pull it off but I prayed about it and I had faith we could do it.

So seven of us sisters (representing Granada, Managua, CA , NY, and Canada) met at the KH in Granada @ 10am to embark on our journey. Br. Dexter gave us some words of wisdom and his contact number and we went on our way. We walked to the bus terminal, took a chicken bus to La Uca, took a taxi to the Isreal terminal, and another bus to Chinnadaga, which took about 3 hours. Everyone was telling us oh it's going to take 5 hours...naw. As long as you take the right bus you are ok. It's was just very hot and you don't get to take any stops. Once we got there we seperated into two groups to go the different familie's houses where we would be staying and got dinner and went to the meeting. After the meeting we went across the street and had popusa's for 15 cords (SOOO GOOOD) and went home to sleep.

The next day we went out in service with Chinnadaga english and I met this lady who was very interested in learning the bible and we did the Truth Tract together. Her english was really good and she was like I like learning about the bible. She seemed a little disappointed I was going back to the states (that makes two of us) but I told her my friend would come back.

After service my friends Grethel and Rucio from Chinnidaga and I took a 45 min bus ride to meet my friend Daniel in Leon. Before we met up with him we walked around downtown and hung out and then we met up with him at this Mexican resturaunt for lunch. After lunch, Daniel decided he wanted to go back to Chinidaga with us and hit up the beach in Corintho with the other friends so I got to meet his Nicaraguan Family. They were so sweet and his Nica mama gave me some fruit (I can't remeber the name of it but it looks  like a pink walnut and you eat the inside. It kinda of tastes a like a coconut walnut maybe lol).

Once we got to the beach we met a family from Japan. They were affected by the Tsunami in Japan so they ended up in Nicaragua. The Tsunami was actually a couple days after the couple got married. But they were really sweet and they literally live a 1/2 a block from the beach so they let us use their house to change and everything. I had so much fun at the beach; especially since it was my first time. I tried to stay close to the shore because the waves were really strong and dangerous...i'm not going to lie one knocked me out pretty hard. I just had to hold my breath and let it happen lol. I also got a lot of sea shells to bring home!

One of the sisters that was with us had to go home Sunday and was going to miss a party that she wanted to go to so bad, but couldn't go because it was so far away so the brothers threw here one right there on the spot! They rented out this place where they do dance lessons and we had so much fun!

We made it home just in time for the meeting back home in Granda @ 10am and she was able catch her flight. Chinnadaga was definitely worth the 3 hour trip!

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