Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Productive Service Day

January 23rd

Today was a great day in service. All three of us started studies, but i will just talk about mine and the girls can talk about their's because i wasnt in their group.

So we were doing territory (census) but  our sheet says a Maricio lives in this green and white house but Maricio did not live there but a Maria did so i took over since it was a lady. She invited us in immediately and started to explain to me in english/spanish that she feels so confused and fed up with religion. She feels as if God is punishing her. She in a lot of pain because her significant other left and cheated on her. Originally I was going to place to the truth tract but I decided to just share encouraging scriptures with her because she had a lot weighing her down. At the end of our discussion we talked about the importance of prayer and she agreed to do the Bible Teach Book on wednesday of this same week. She was like please come back because last time someone in spanish said they would come and never did. I got her number and everything so i'm really excited to talk to her this wednesday.

On our way home, walking out of the territory, this old nicaraguan man came up to me speaking in spanish talking about the political situation in Nicaraga at this time. Of course i was neutral about the situation and shared an encouraging thought of an future Godly government and fortunately Jamilia had a All Suffering Soon to End Tract on her in spanish so it worked out nicely. He seemed to be a lot more at eased by the end of the conversation.

Just a little side note. The picture above of the kids is a group of kids we saw in territory. They told us that the house we thought we were knocking on was actually a Morman Church and nobody was there. They were so intrigued by us speaking english and kept following us around and helped us find english speaking ones. I just had to take a picture of them.

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