Saturday, January 21, 2012

Managua Party

We went to our first party this week.  It was hosted by Josie, a faithful pioneer from Blue Fields.  It was a going away event for a brother from New York who had been serving for 4 months and suddenly got called to Bethel duty.  The small English congregation in Managua was sad to see him go.  His parting speech almost brought tears to some eyes.  The food was splendid!  Homemade Fritanga is truly a treat!  A Canadian brother unfortunately had a bout with unfiltered tap water, but he survived.  The music was a mix of bachata, meringue, salsa, soca and other Caribbean music.  But the real story is how we managed to get there….

First we boarded a bus from Granada to Managua, easy enough.  Except some of the brothers were running late and decided to meet us at a stop along the way- the bus literally flew right past them…they weren’t standing at an official stop.  We get off in Managua.  As we’re looking for the correct bus-stop, we see the other 3 brothers on a different bus.  What are the chances!  We meet up with them.  We don’t know which bus to take to Josie’s, is it the 168, 158 or 160?  For an unknown reason we board the 110 going in the wrong direction.  We randomly get off the bus and then seek out a taxi.  The taxi agrees to take all 8 of us in one taxi. Nuts!  We get lost and the taxi driver is swearing in Spanish.  We finally reach our destination and our cab fare triples!  Nevertheless, we made it! lol

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