Friday, January 13, 2012

Trip to Managua Market

We decided to take a trip to the big market in Managua.  This trip entails boarding a chicken bus downtown Granada and riding +/- 1 hour to the capital.  There we can purchase whatever your heart desires: food, clothes, shoes, washers and dryers, leather, art, jewelry, hair, everything!  The bus is less than $1 each way and will get filled beyond capacity complete with breast-feeding women, people like this little boy selling you stuff at red lights,  random music on the radio and honest-hearted ones like the man Bree conversed with in Spanish.  He asked what she was doing on this side of town , assuming she was from Blue Fields, a costal area in Eastern Nicaragua where many are dark-skinned.  She explained that we are Jehovah’s Witnesses and she ended up placing the Comfort tract with him and he started reading it on the bus.  At the market we ate Chicken Empanadas stuffed with rice and beans.  We learned a trick to avoid getting sick, to dose the food with a salsa with jalepenos, vinegar, peppers and onions.  Not only is it a cure-all killing bacteria and parasites, but also its also quite tasty.  Note: This oriental market is one of the most dangerous spots in Nicaragua.   It’s easier to get things snatched in the pandimoniom of beeping trucks, beggars, yelling vendors and loud reggaeton music.  But of course, we enjoyed ourselves.  Now I am sure you noticed the guy in the cow outfit, he’s Managua’s version of the naked cowboy.  He dances and distracts drivers daily for pocket change- literally.  And Yes there are utters on the front of his suit. lol

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