Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Servicio Espanol

Today was such a nice service day.

We went out in service with spanish in Oeste because Tuesdays and Thursdays are off days for Granada English.. It was about 10 of us out, and we met at a witness couple's home. It was so nice to sit under the pavillion in the shade in our rocking chairs. We started out doing territory in a near by neighborhood and with great success. At first I was working with a sister and her husband who are originally from NY (Kristina and John), then I worked with this sister and her daughter Jesilyn who is so cute. She is such a busy body, and loves to knock on the door and take pictures with my camera lol.

At the very end I met this little girl at the door and at first I wasn't going to talk to her because she said there were no adults in the home, because usually in the states we try not to do that because its not safe. But she looked at me and was like but we don't have a bible here! For some reason I got this feeling that I should talk to her so I walked in the courtyard and up to the window and handed her a tract in spanish. From there she proceeded to tell me that she doesn't speak spanish for real because she is from Miami. She appeared to be around 12 years old and said her parents sent her to live in Nicaragua with her aunt and uncle because her situation in the states wasn't the best. She was so eager to learn about the truth and we made arrangements to study the bible story book in the am before school starts Feburary 13th and then we will study in the afternoon.

I feel like I just adopted a lil daughter. How am I going to be able to leave?!

After service we enjoyed association from the friends from the hall and other friends from Chinnadaga. I have so many contacts now.

The worldwide brotherhood is such a beautiful thing.

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