Monday, January 30, 2012

Hotel Granada

January 30th

Today we had friends still in town from the party yesterday so we gave them a tour around Granada, especially since for most of them it was their first time here. So we went to the local pulperia and got some breakfast essentials (huevos, pan etc) and made breakfast. Then we walked around parque central and the calzada on our way to Hotel Granda to go swimming. But before we made it there we had to make some pits stops in random ppl's entry way because every 10 mins it would start pouring down raining then stop and feel like 95* lol. But everyone still wanted to swim so we kept trekkin. Along the strip we ran into some more witnesses from the party, stopped by the french bakery where Rucio and I shared a mango pastery and a ham and cheese crossiant for 20 cords each (not quite a $1-yumm).

Once we arrived to the hotel our roomate Shelina serenaded us on the piano (with an orginal written by a brother in Minesota). It was really beautiful. Then the pool. Rucio and I chilled out poolside and were dancing to some of the jams on Shelina's ipod.

After the pool I went to the Newbons house to say goodbye to Marcelo. Who is on an arrangement placed by the society here called the Pioneer Route, where pioneers are sent to various parts of the country where congregations have little or no help. The guys had their last hoorah (aka sharing a gallon of cacao-and yes they shaked the chingaste).

Marcelo, Cindy, and Pancho from our hall were all accepted to go on the assignment and will be deeply missed. I think they will be gone for a month.

After I said my goodbyes I got lunch (nica tacos, papas, and a margarita cupcake-so random but good).

After lunch I went out in service from 230-630. It was so nice we did territory and them Kim and I finished off with my bible study. It went so well. Her mother answered the door and we heard her  in the background saying I'm here! Come on in, i'll get my books! So before we started the book we said a prayer and shared some scriptures about her current situation with her husband. And I kid you not every question she had was LITTERALY and bolded subheading in the Bible Teach amazing. She explained to us how her prayers have evolved. Most recently her prayers are for answers on why God is permiting so much suffering and how she can not feel so empty....without a hope of finding bible answers, and she felt God doesn't hear her. Yet, we explained to her HE IS listening! This study is your reply from him!

We ended up staying for a little over an hour and she kindly walked us to a spot where we could catch a taxi and waited for us to get in because where she lives there are no lights so it can kinda be unsafe, she even asked for my email so we can keep in contact when I go back to the states!

Ayyy I dont want to leave!
After the study i cooked dinner and went to a spanish family's house to see a movie.
Today was a busy day but good
                         -Tan cansada

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