Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Meeting
January 22, 2012

Today I got up a little earlier than usual because I had some milk last night that was room temperature (like I bought it off the shelf)…I should have known better. But the locals said it was fine. All I know is that my stomach is not Nicaraguan. I had the weirdest was like an evil monster was crawling around in my stomach! I prayed all night that I wouldn’t have to go to a Nicaraguan hospital and around 7 o’clock this am I felt miracously better (whew! That was a close one). At least it wasn’t all in vain because I made some blazin mash potatoes with that milk. Anyways, I got up earlier and cleaned the house so everything would be ready for the speaker. When we got to the hall we had 3 bible studies that came to visit, and two of them commented numerous times from their heart, in their own words which was really encouraging! When the speaker got to the house, I realized that his family and I have a lot in common. Br. Simpson our speaker is in the Arabic group back home and knows the Williams brothers and Br. Mims so we exchanged contacts because I would really like to join their group one day or at least visit. He and his wife seemed to really enjoy it. After hospitality we went out in service for the 2:30pm group. Jamilia I had the privilege of working out in service with Br. Dexter. Br. Dexter and his wife have been in the truth for a very long time and will have been married for 50 years next month. What’s so encouraging about this couple is that they have been everywhere supporting the international building committee so I got to hear a lot of his stories today. For example, in the 1970’s he started a group in North Carolina I believed to build KH’s. He and his few of his friends wrote the society to see if it was ok, and they granted them the permission. He said that back then the RBC wasn’t in existence. But since the IBC he and his wife have had the privilege of traveling to Puerto Rico, Panama, El Salvador, Columbia, Jamaica, and several places in the states. One story he told us about is in Jamaica, he would fly down every weekend to do the quick builds.  During this time a news reporter was interviewing different ones on the airplane, who came down to do relief work for a hurricane that recently occurred down there. She began to notice that out of all the ones she interviewed Br. Dexter was the only one that would come back on a regular basis. So she decided to interview him….every week. So every week he had a 30min broadcast on the 11pm news for 11 weeks. I thought this was really cool, because every week he would explain a different bible doctrine. Can you imagine how many people he could have potentially brought in the truth or at least have a planted a seed?!

Oh he also showed us the new and old missionary homes in service today.

Well that’s all for now.

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  1. The lil monster in your pretty funny