Sunday, January 22, 2012

Masaya x2

Masaya x2

January 21st

Today we went to the Masaya Market again but with Jojo. It was Jamilia, Jojo, Sr. Hardin and me. Jam and I wanted to go again just to make sure we didn’t miss anything because we had no idea what we were doing the first time. So we took the bus out there and went straight to the artsy section, where the leather purses and artwork are. There are a lot of repeats so a lot of people are calling out to get your attention first. Then we got a guy who offered to take us around to all his “family’s spots.” One of these spots was a place where they sell all genuine leather shoes and the girl that was helping us out happened to be studying so that was cool. She was really sweet. After Jojo and Sr. Hardin got some shoes and Sr. Hardin got this beautiful/huge/genuine leather backpack we got some food at one of the food spots inside the market. Keep in mind this is the first time today that I saw one of them mangling dogs this whole market trip. Sr. Hardin was truly blessed man. She did see the pigs and chickens hanging from the ceiling though lol. Anyways, we wandered our way through the food area and found this spot where this sister works at. We ate good. Jojo had shredded beef, pintogallo, and salad and Jam and I had grilled chicken, pintogallo, and salad. Just a side note Jojo had like 3 cacaos today. We think he’s addicted but I have to give it to him, it is really good chocolate milk. After our little adventure to the market we went to the grocery store to get our ingredients to make lunch for the speaker tomarrow. On the menu are spaghetti, Italian salad, garlic bread, and cookies. Hope they like it! Once I finish cooking I’m doing my watchtower. Buenas Noches!

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