Saturday, January 21, 2012

First English Assembly

This is history in the country of Nicaragua.  This was the first ever English convention.  We were so blessed and privileged to be able to attend.  There were 260 on Saturday and 285 in attendance on Sunday.  We gained 2 new sisters from the territory at the baptism.  We met friends from all over: Trinindega, Leon, Blue Fields, Pearl Lagoon, Costa Rica, Canada, U.S. and Mexico.  It truly was a convergence of Jehovah’s people.  The talks were encouraging and for those who haven’t yet attended their 2-day I won’t spoil it.  On Break, we met new friends and mingled with the C.O.’s wife.  She was amazing.  From Atlanta, GA she was rocking her natural hair.  We literally talked about hair for the entire break on Sunday!  The D.O. and his wife were cool too.  On stage during their “get-to-know-you” interviews they went back and forth kidding about how many pairs of shoes the wife managed to bring along.  Just getting to the convention was an experience.  The friends rented a school bus that we all boarded at the Kingdom Hall every morning at 7:30am.  We considered the daily text on the way and then enjoyed the rest of the ride conversing with one another.  It was an awesome way to start off our trip and we enjoyed every moment of it!
PS:That's the sign we worked on!  We only painted the white background, but another wrote the letters by hand.

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