Friday, January 13, 2012

First Day in Granada

 We started our day with a visit from the local fruit guy, (bottom right picture).  He wheels his wheelbarrow with fresh pinas, tangerines, melons and oranges.  No need to go to the market, at 7:30am on the dot, he comes to us!  Today we went to the Branch that no longer is.  It is located in Tinquantepe.  This ride is about 45 minutes from Granada.  You take a bus and then hop in a motorized buggy.  While exciting, even I felt this particular mode of transportation was quite dangerous.  No seatbelts, all exposed to the elements and no shocks. (lol obviously).  At the branch we helped prepare for the pioneer meeting on Friday and the Circuit Assembly.  Kamiliah and I remodeled a sign posting the theme for the Assembly with a need-greater Sister who is serving in the Managua English congregation with her husband.  Bree and Blake were on chair duty: setting up and cleaning chairs for the pioneer meeting-which they expecting to see up to 80 in attendance.  I can’t wait to see the finished sign on Saturday with all the letters hand-painted by a sister we met for is serving in the Masaya Spanish congregation.  Can you believe that picture with the coconut tree is from the branch and that there’s an active volcano in the background!?  Neither can I.  After working we relaxed downtown Granada.  I experienced my first “sick to my stomach” experience and everyone enjoyed Fritanga.  It is a local favorite.  It features seasoned steak, banana chips, salad (their version of coleslaw), and sometimes fried goat cheese wrapped in banana leaves.  It’s yummy and cheap!  (My 2 favorite words)  We drummed, walked, chilled and ate the night away.


  1. Oh how I would love to eat that fried goat cheese... Its freezing in CT and I got warm just looking at the pics!

  2. Actually that cheese was barely edible lol