Friday, January 13, 2012

Trip to Buy our Phones

Since we are in a foreign country, we need to be able to communicate with those around us.  Since Nicaragua is so poor it is best to purchase a cheap Nokia phone so as not to get robbed.  If you want to keep your personal phone, what you do is unlock your American phone so it can be used on any carrier.  Then you buy a Moviestar sim card and then put money on it.  Some days, such as today, they offer 3x the amount of cords (the local money) that you buy.  1 US Dollar = 22.9 Cordovas.  So we are “rich”.  But prices can fluxuate daily so you need to be aware of the exchange at all times.  It’s customary to bargain for everything (at least for me J).  Here we are checking out our new phones, and here I am showing off my new Windows Mobile Phone that will probably get stolen from me in a week, but hey it was a free phone.

1 comment:

  1. I am so happy we went to that free concert and you got that free phone! Your hair looks amazing btw. Hope the assembly was very encouraging!